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- Updated the Classes & Races Summary Page
- Added TurboDB to the Downloads Page
- Added a review of Holodeck BBS
- Updated several pages with 1.11o information
- Updated some links on the Downloads Page
- Added Newsletter Issue XIII to archives
- Added Newsletter Issue XII to archives
- Updated the Mystics Page
- Updated the Ninjas Page
If you have a monster or PVP capture you would like us to post, please send them to us! However, PvP captures must now meet a certain set of requirements before being posted. These requirements include:
* not a script kill
* involves actual player vs. player interaction
* longer than three rounds

Please include the following information in PvP Captures:
* name of BBS
* stat/inventory of the killer, and possibly the subject
* a motive for the killing (optional)

In order to keep MudCentral updated and accurate we rely on feedback from our visitors. If you notice anything wrong on these pages, we strongly encourage you to contact us! Thanks to the numerous contributors to the PvP and Monster Capture archives. Keep them coming!

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