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       Contained here-in is a model for MMud characters. These are provided as suggestions by other mud players to help out the inexperienced or repeat player that has a taste to try out a different character. It is also to provide hints to the confused, on what course of developement to take next. Contained here-in are some of the best alternatives possible on developing your character. With over 165 combinations of Races and Classes it can get confusing. You can view a list of titles your character can earn, or select one of the links below to view details and suggestions for playing. Here are a few scripting suggestions to get you started. If you are thinking of making a half-ogre here are a few suggestions.
       About training, this may just be superstition but, always train at your class trainer, tree house and aged titan. Some of the other trainers have been known to give less than favorable HP rolls.

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