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Normally in StockMaximumPrice
Greatcloak310 Gold
Silk Cape520 Gold
Travelers Cloak104 Gold

Colin's Maces
Normally in StockMaximumPrice
Ashwood Staff101,000 Gold
Battle-hammer1018 Gold
Etched Adamant Warhammer11,000 Gold
Fine Mace10500 Gold
Flail1316 Gold
Glowing Warhammer51,000 Gold
Heavy Bone Mace36,500 Gold
Heavy-mace2510 Gold
Iron-capped Staff528 Silver
Mace308 Gold
Maul720 Gold
Morning-star2112 Gold
Three-headed Flail1400 Gold
Warhammer16130 Silver

Will Buy for ResaleMaximumPrice
Long Golden Staff12,000 Gold

Curio Store (Meia)
Normally in StockMaximumPrice
Bone Charm4100 Gold
Brass Lamp784 Gold
Carved Ivory Mask12,000 Gold
Cat's-eye Pendant310,000 Gold
Crystal Flask1010 Gold
Glass Mirror3510 Gold
Incense1252 Silver
Silk Gloves1516 Gold
Silk Robe530 Gold
Silk Trousers2016 Gold
Silvery Skullcap36,500 Gold

General Store (Giovanni)
Normally in StockMaximumPrice
Crowbar356 Gold
Iron Ration43010 Silver
Lantern404 Gold
Rope And Grapple5610 Gold
Waterskin35050 Silver

Helfgrim's Blades
Normally in StockMaximumPrice
Bastard Sword1432 Gold
Broadsword2526 Gold
Dagger282 Gold
Falchion1228 Gold
Fine Broadsword10500 Gold
Flamberge1038 Gold
Greatsword840 Gold
Knife1530 Silver
Longsword3224 Gold
Scimitar2024 Gold
Shortsword2412 Gold
Stiletto302 Gold

Will Buy for ResaleMaximumPrice
Blackened Dirk2Free
Emerald-hilted Rapier1Free
Etched Adamant Broadsword1800 Gold
Etched Adamant Greatsword11,100 Gold
Khopesh Sword528 Gold
Serrated Scimitar31,000 Gold

Jael's Missile Weapons
Normally in StockMaximumPrice
Crossbow1070 Gold
Heavy Crossbow6100 Gold
Longbow1650 Gold
Shortbow2520 Gold
Sling4510 Gold
Staff-sling3020 Gold

Ninja Supply Shop
Normally in StockMaximumPrice
Black Ninja Robes2050 Gold
Black Tabi3040 Gold
Hooded Mask3520 Gold
Kusari Gama520 Gold
Midnight Sash120 Platinum
Ninja Battle Armour51,000 Gold
Ninjato10200 Gold
Poisoned Shuriken10100 Gold
Shuriken510 Gold
Smoke Bomb1850 Gold
Steel Nunchaku1580 Gold

Will Buy for ResaleMaximumPrice
Sai3200 Gold

Pier Boatman
Normally in StockMaximumPrice
Log Raft25015 Gold
Silverbark Canoe101,000 Gold
Wooden Skiff10050 Gold

Realm Deed Shop
Normally in StockMaximumPrice

Will Buy for ResaleMaximumPrice
Black Parchment Deed1340 Platinum
Blue Parchment Deed1200 Platinum
Gold Parchment Deed12,000 Platinum
Green Parchment Deed1170 Platinum
Orange Parchment Deed160 Platinum
Red Parchment Deed140 Platinum
Silver Parchment Deed1800 Platinum
Violet Parchment Deed1260 Platinum
White Parchment Deed1100 Runic
Yellow Parchment Deed1100 Platinum

Sarkhee's Jewellery
Normally in StockMaximumPrice
Amethyst Ring2020 Gold
Copper Ring682 Gold
Diamond110,000 Gold
Golden Amulet16100 Gold
Golden Armbands8240 Gold
Golden Snake Earrings1600 Gold
Iron Ring7210 Silver
Moonstone Ring18,000 Gold
Signet Ring1Free
Silver Holy Amulet2230 Gold
Silver Ring368 Gold
Wedding Band450 Platinum

Will Buy for ResaleMaximumPrice
Emerald110,000 Gold
Ruby110,000 Gold
Sapphire Ring16,000 Gold
Sapphire110,000 Gold
Small Diamond1002,000 Gold

Sentara's Robes
Normally in StockMaximumPrice
Black Robes6810 Silver
Blue Robes7010 Silver
Green Robes6210 Silver
Grey Robes6010 Silver
Orange Robes4610 Silver
Red Robes8510 Silver
Violet Robes5810 Silver
Wedding Gown260 Platinum
White Robes7210 Silver
Yellow Robes5510 Silver

Sentara's, Head and Feet
Normally in StockMaximumPrice
Cloth Shoes806 Silver
Hard Leather Helm484 Gold
Hardened Leather Boots564 Gold
Hooded Cowl904 Silver
Sandals1242 Silver
Skullcap256 Gold
Soft Leather Boots7216 Silver
Soft Leather Cap6016 Silver

Sentara's, Torso, Legs and Hands
Normally in StockMaximumPrice
Cloth Pants726 Silver
Cotton Gloves754 Silver
Hard Leather Gauntlets502 Gold
Leather Belt1122 Silver
Leather Gloves6410 Silver
Leather Pants602 Gold
Leather Skirt622 Gold
Rigid Leather Pants424 Gold
Rigid Leather Tunic4016 Gold
Soft Leather Jacket556 Gold
Studded Leather Tunic4512 Gold

Skali's Backroom
Normally in StockMaximumPrice
Buckler Shield522 Gold
Curved Heater1824 Gold
Kite Shield1030 Gold
Round Shield3810 Gold
Spiked Shield2216 Gold
Target Shield456 Gold
Tower Shield630 Gold

Skali's Front
Normally in StockMaximumPrice
Brass Knuckles450 Gold
Chain Coif3010 Gold
Chain Gauntlets426 Gold
Dwarven Work Boots51,000 Gold
Horned Helmet650 Gold
Plate Boots3100 Gold
Plate Gauntlets460 Gold
Pot-helm2516 Gold
Scale Gauntlets308 Gold
Steel-toed Boots3210 Gold
Visored Greathelm2130 Gold
Wolf Helm51,800 Gold

Will Buy for ResaleMaximumPrice
Crimson Scale Gauntlets11,100 Gold

Skali's Showroom
Normally in StockMaximumPrice
Brigandine Leggings1630 Gold
Brigandine Tunic18108 Gold
Chainmail Halter1540 Gold
Chainmail Leggings2412 Gold
Chainmail Tunic2540 Gold
Fine Breastplate33,000 Gold
Full Plate Corselet2500 Gold
Full Plate Leggings2150 Gold
Half-plate Corselet5180 Gold
Light Plate Corselet3300 Gold
Light Plate Leggings3100 Gold
Scalemail Leggings2216 Gold
Scalemail Tunic2250 Gold
Steel Brassiere5180 Gold

Will Buy for ResaleMaximumPrice
Black Iron Greaves151,200 Gold

Temple Chapel
Normally in StockMaximumPrice
Blue Potion10120 Gold
Cure Poison Potion1230 Gold
Holy Miter12400 Gold
Holy Vestements101,600 Gold
Jade Amulet105,000 Gold
Minor Healing Potion308 Gold
Orange Potion12100 Gold
Silvery Mace210,000 Gold
Silvery Potion8400 Gold
Turquoise Potion2430 Gold

Thuluk's Axes
Normally in StockMaximumPrice
Battle Axe288 Gold
Glaive1090 Silver
Greataxe1510 Gold
Halberd616 Gold
Hatchet304 Gold
Long-spear1250 Silver
Pike910 Gold
Serrated Battle Axe1400 Gold
Short-spear204 Gold
Trident12160 Gold

Wailing Tavern
Normally in StockMaximumPrice
Beef Stew100017 Silver
Bottle Of Wine10003 Gold
Jug Of Dark Ale10007 Silver
Roast Mutton100010 Silver
Room Ticket10007 Gold
Tankard Of Mead10003 Silver

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