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Needs Work
I hope they kept their day job!!

Jiggs Longthorne's Home Page - Home page of those great MajorMUD books!
MegaMUD Online - Download MegaMUD!
Mischief's World - Awesome page.
Mudville - The old ClubMud.
Twilight Tavern - New page - looks nice!
BoomBoom's MajorMUD Page - Basic information.
Gchaos's Guide to MajorMUD - New page. Good start.
Jay's Scripting Suggestions - Scripting suggestions by level and class.
Kith's MajorMUD Page - Great page.
MajorMUD Online - Nice looking page.
MajorMUD Search Engine - Title is self explanatory.
Arcane Legion - Nice page.
Briar's MajorMUD Page - Very little information.
Mario's MajorMUD Page - Nice graphics!
MetaComm BBS MajorMUD Page - Being updated.
Oz's Mud Page - No longer updated.
Phoenix's MajorMUD Page - Outdated.
Precious One's MajorMUD Page - Outdated.
Silent Running MajorMUD Page - Outdated.

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