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Module 1: Dragon's Teeth
The realm of legends becomes a darker place as players are plunged into a fresh escalation of the war between the Light and the Shadow.

Module 2: The Cursed Ruins
Travel the treacherous rapids of the Silver River, the dank and dreary caverns of the cave witch, and the perilous metallic-treed forests to find animals, monsters, and the hidden village of the Wood-Elves!

Module 3: Strangers in the Night
A rash of mysterious disappearances set the scene, as people are being dragged into slums and disappearing in the night.

Module 4: Terror from Below
The barrier that once separated Silvermere from the eastern mountains of Khazarad has finally been destroyed. Leaving vast new areas open to discovery.

Module 5: The Rising Dawn
Journey to an arcane tower, a long-destroyed templar fort, orc-infested caverns, a bandit stronghold, slime tunnels, an ant nest, a den for smugglers, an insane asylum, sewers, and a mysterious temple!

Module 6: The Sands of Time
An Ancient desert full of mystery and death awaits adventurers as they attempt to defeat vicious new enemies and enter into great new quests.

Module 7: Savage Lands
An unknown danger threatens the safety of the inhabitants of Silvermere. A sinister force lies in wait, building power and dark energies. The three great leaders, Balthazar, Chancellor Annora and The Grey Lord are gathering their minions and sending them off in different directions to gather information. Each hopes to stop the dark force from gaining control, but has no information beyond a general sense of where the danger lies. Players must help find and conquer the dark force, and they are instructed to prepare to brave strange new lands and face many dangers before reach the final destination.

Module 8: A Call to Arms
A new Sheriff is in town, crime is being swept from the streets. As Silvermere begins to enter a new age of rebuilding and exploration, echoes from the past call back. Rumors flood through the city that an orc warlord has come to power, building a throne of the bones of his victims, inside the dark cave in the depths of the darkwood forest. Scouts that actually return to town, tell stories of a massive orcish horde building inside the cave, training with weapons of destruction, plans being drawn for a seige on Silvermere. An order is placed, a call to arms! The city needs the help of adventurers like you, to band together and squash the flood of war, before it breaks open and lays waste! Elsewhere an old ally requires the help of friends to break him free of his eternal prison, but it requires travel to another place, where light is as scarce as water in a desert!

Module 9: Prophecy of Plague
The victory over the dark phoenix, and the appearence of its master still weighs heavily on your mind. Rumours abound of the Dark Mage emerging yet again, bringing about the 'prophecy' he foretold. Other gossip tells of troubles in a small township buried deep in a mountain valley where undead hordes have risen, plaguing the people with destruction and disease. The time has come again to carry on the banner of your cause, this time in the name of discovery. The great library of Arlysia may hold the secrets of a long ago past, where the dark secret of the unknown prophecy may gain new light.

With your brain and brawn it is once again up to you to travel into regions unknown, battling an evil that threatens all things living, and the power of the Three.

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