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Dope Says Doh!
Quick and easy!
The Holy Cleric Prevails
Wrestling in the Refuse Pit
The judge lost control!
One Less Mage
Dexter decks 'em!
Spill is splattered!
Being lazy doesn't pay.
Mess with the best, and die!
Busta gets busted! (Again)
Mythorne is dead.
Arena Battle
2 vs. 1, but it's a fair fight!
Dalamar drops.
Blue Tower Battle
Kaylen gets killed!
The Power of a Priest!
Korik gets killed.
Takashi is Sushi
Naji gets nailed!
You can run, but you can't hide!
Covenant is dead!
Arena Battle
BbB puts up a fight!
Bhaal gets balled!
Buttah gets banged around.
Chupa can't help :(.
MegaMUD gets to involved.
Forest frenzy!
Arena Battle
Scotty gets scrumped.
Trickster could use some magic!
Run Frak, Run!
Mareck gets mangled!
The tavern is turning!
Arena abuse and misuse.
Beach violence!
The admiral has been defeated!
Wow! Witchie Power!
The Search for Stratos
The Nice Little Ninja
Entangle This!
Arena Battle
Arena Battle

Thrill to the many trials and tribulations of "Tommie" in Idiots of the Realm !

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