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Where do I go to train?

NewHaven: You may train levels 1-3 here, at a reduced rate.

Universal Trainer in Silvermere: You may train levels 1-10 here, again, at a cheaper rate than training in the individual class trainers., but it seems that you will get better Hit Point rolls, etc, if you use your individual class trainer.

Class Trainers:(Levels 1-10)

Warrior, Paladin, Druid, Ranger, Missionary, and Warlock all train at the Training Halls, underneath the Adventurer's Guild.

Mage: Trains in the Magic Shoppe in Mystic Alley, near the boatman

Mystic: Trains in Meia's backroom.

Gypsy: Train's in the Side room of the General Store

Thief/Ninja: Train in the Thieve's Guild, easiest to access by 'push button' in the room next to the training halls.

Cleric/Priest: Train in the Temple, due west from Town Square

Bard: Train in one of the rooms in the Inn, south and west of Town Square.

** Characters receive 10 CPs per level (lvl 1-10)**

Each class has a class 'spirit', at which you may train level 11, and collect your class quest weapon. All of these spirits are located at the bottom of the crypt in the graveyard, it still requires money to train at the spirit.

** Characters receive 15 CPs per level (lvl 11)**

Treehouse: Found in the Darkwood Forest, will train you from levels 11-20.

** Characters receive 15 CPs per level (lvl 11-20)**

Aged Titan: Found on the rocky plateau, will train levels 21-50.

Rhudaur: Trains levels 11-30, for a more expensive cost

Khazarad: Trains levels 11-30, for a more expensive cost

** Characters receive 20 CPs per level (lvl 21-30)**

** Characters receive 25 CPs per level (lvl 31-40)**

** Characters receive 30 CPs per level (lvl 41-50)**

Amazon Battle Master - Lost City: Trains levels 31-52, good luck with the snake pit!

Timelord: Trains levels 1-54, is the only place for levels 53-54, you must defeat the Fallen Angel in the Negative Power Plane to get here.

Hydra: Trains levels 1-65, to defeat the Hydra, underneath the Scorching Desert, you must either pick the lock to his room, or first defeat the manscorpion king and get the key.

** Characters receive 35 CPs per level (lvl 51-60)**

Nahr: Trains levels 66-75, You should be experienced enough to find him and train, note there are several ways, take a large party of 65+.

** Characters receive 40 CPs per level (lvl 61-70)**

** Characters receive 45 CPs per level (lvl 71-80)**

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