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Sysop Support

Current pricing structures for Worldgroup 3.0
and all other MajorMUD versions and addons.


C - Clear all saved evil points
CP- Clear all saved profiles (for resetting only)
U - Apply an update
R - Reindex the Limited Items (RF = Full reindex)
D - Check for defunct MUD users, etc.
H - Check for item hoarders
I - Sysop Instructions (wccmmud.rln)
N - Sysop Release notes (wccmmsys.rel)
S - Online Sysop Command Help (wccmmsys.not)
B - Edit the sysop bulletin file
E - Edit the wccmmud.ini file
L - Change the limits for defunct user checking


A brief overview of Mudop Powers.

An overview of the Evil System.

A Listing of Boss Monster Room Numbers,

  • and how to reset them if regen is broken.

    A listing of all Limited Items.

    A listing of all items that Delete At Cleanup.

    A sysop map of the Negative Power Plain, including room numbers.

    A list of the player's Release Notes.

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